About Us


Our Mission:


Since our inception in 2014 our mission remains the same…

Not only do we provide care for your pet in our home, but our mission is to truly get to know you and your pup, so we understand the care they need. We understand you are entrusting your beloved family member with us, and we hold this trust in the highest regard and ensure your pup will have an exceptional, safe and fun experience with us during every stay!


Dog Care in Our Home


We offer day, overnight and long term (up to one month) of care for your entire pup family. 

We do require a meet and greet for all care, so we can get to know you and your pup and you can get to know us and visit our home. During this time, you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions and your pup can meet us and play with Orion and any other pups in our care at that time.

We do not accept any aggressive pets or pets that have not been potty trained, except puppies, which we can discuss if this is the care you need. We also require proof of vaccinations and will not accept any dogs that are ill with any contagious disease. We do accept most breeds, all sizes and ages. We feed the dogs separately and according to your instructions and the pets can sleep anywhere on the main level of our home. We do not allow any dogs to sleep outside overnight. We also can provide medications as needed. Additionally, Camp Paw Paws is insured through PETCARE Insurance Company.

You can rest assured your pup will be safe and loved with great attention and care while staying with us. We will provide updates and pictures to you vis text or email while you are away and you are welcome to contact us at anytime to see how your pet is doing. It truly is a home for them while you are away.


Our Story


The precious pup shadowing over me here in this picture is Atlas Shrugged. My dear Atlas, a Leonberger, gave me the inspiration to start Camp Paw Paws. Sadly, I lost Atlas way too early at age seven to cancer. However, in his short time on earth, he saved my life. I am a proud survivor of domestic abuse, now six years safe. Atlas protected me during the period of abuse and gave me the courage to leave and save both of our lives. Thankfully, he passed knowing I was safe and building a new life for myself with Darwin, my significant other, and Our Orion, a Newdle (Newfoundland and Poodle), and cherished family member. 

It is with their love and support that we have built Camp Paw Paws into a place that we our proud to call a home away from home for your kid with paws. We have a home that your pup will enjoy from indoors to outdoors in a setting that is safe and comfortable. They can relax on the couch, dog bed or floor, wherever they feel comfortable, and play outdoors with attention and care.

Our story has evolved over the years and our small family has grown to include pups of all sizes and breeds! From the shy to the playful, from young to old, we have many puppy dog "tails" to share with you! We look forward to you and your pup joining our family in this continued journey at Camp Paw Paws and can’t wait to get to know you!